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Don't you have anything to wear?

Today we have a massive selection of different models of clothing. Moreover, the change of collections of many clothing brands occurs even more often than once a season. Fast fashion is such a rapid change in supply in the fashion industry.

We buy, wear once (or never wear!) and then hang the item in the closet - forever! Why so? Because there are so much new, temptingly stylish, "fresh" new fashion designs around us... And we buy, buy, buy!!! And then we throw it away...

The answer to the trend of fast fashion is the movement of slow fashion, which is now actively gaining momentum. What is the difference? Slow fashion brands work to ensure that their items meet several requirements:

  • high-quality materials used in the manufacture of clothes;

  • clothing design is often a little more restrained, which allows it to remain relevant for a longer time;

  • and, of course, preference is given to organic fabrics that can be recycled

Shopping for dresses, jackets, and other slow fashion clothing is pleasurable. Yes, the prices are relatively higher, but the quality, the approach, and even the whole philosophy of these clothes are entirely different. You slowly, in detail, examine the model you want to buy with the idea that such a thing will serve you for many years. But, of course, this does not mean you should wear only one thing. Instead, the "thing should rest" in the closet for a while until you want to wear it again.

This is not an advertising post, but we would like to point out that there are different, genuinely specialized online clothing stores and brick-and-mortar stores in the field of slow fashion.

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