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Measure Yourself right! Here are the TIPS

You first need to know your body measurements to choose the right garment size you will buy online.

The main body measurements you need for almost any apparel purchase are Burst, Waist and Hips.

Just put your fingers around your waist in the most comfortable position to measure your waist correctly. That will be your waistline. Don't hold your breath while measuring. Few centimetres matter 😜

Burst measurements. Before taking measurements, think if you will wear the garment with or without a bra. Or if it should be a specific bra for this garment. Then take your burst measurement accordingly. Professionals at the atelier will ask you to do the same when a tailor makes a garment for you! For the perfect fit.

Hips. For the hips, you need to take the full measurement. Not too tight and not too loose, just right 👌

I hope it was at least a little helpful for you. Check also our video with the details 🤗

Love, your Kateryna ❤️

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