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Proud to have our own apparel production!

Repulo's journey started long ago, just in a different shape. We've been an apparel manufacturer for European, US, and Middle Eastern brands for many years. We produce high-end women's clothing for them with low MOQs. Our manufacturer is called Repulo's Tailors, and it's a family business, the same as Repulo's Multi-Brand Boutique.

I'm Kateryna, a co-founder of the shop. My Mom Olena is a professional tailor, and all my life, I was surrounded by women's fashion and falling asleep under the sounds of a sewing machine. When I met my husband, he was amazed by our cooperation with my Mom in creating beautiful clothes. My Mom made all my ideas way to life on the highest level and in the very short term. He supported us, and we opened an apparel manufacturing which was and still is pretty successful.

"We are not a mass market approach company from the production and a multibrand online store point of view."

Repulo's Tailors is based in Ukraine. The last months have changed our lives upside down. We were shocked initially! But decided to continue our work, and our team supported us! Our local clients and we faced many problems; we've been looking for solutions and found the best one to support each other. That's how our shop was born! We want to show the world what we produce here with huge love and passion! It was my old dream to have my own women's clothing brand, but I was not confident enough to start it till this moment.

We are not a mass market approach company from the production and a multibrand online store point of view. Our garments are made to order and are produced in very limited quantities. Having our Apparel Manufacturing gives our clients and us a lot of advantages! From size customization to shape and design variations. We will surprise you will our cool services range and products we offer.

"Forget about standard S, M, and L sizes at Repulo's!"

We sell designer clothing, just not for a designer clothing price! Forget about standard S, M, and L sizes at Repulo's! There are no boundaries when making perfect cloth for you! But more about it in our next post!

With Love from Women to Women,

Kateryna and Repulo's Team

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