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What a summer can look like?

Now, I want to look perfect when the days are bright and sunny. However, summer is also about hot weather. Therefore, we decided to launch a summer series of our clothing models, which will help look stylish and reduce the impact of heat. And this means that the summer will be ideal for you!

This summer dress available in different sizes.
Suzie Biege Dress by

We decided to start our series of posts with a dress that we designed and sewed especially for you. When we say "we," it means our own production of clothes: from the idea of design to production. If you d didn't know it before, we not only work with the most creative fashion brands but also have our clothing brand - Repulo's Tailors. If you are i interested to know more about our production, please visit us at .

Well, let's start with our model - Suzie Dress. We were inspired y the warm summer outside the city. The carefree, hap y days we spend with our family on vacation. We used an entire y natural fabric for this dress because the feeling of authenticity and real closeness to nature is essential to us.

The dress is extremely comfortable for long summer walks with family, friends or just alone with your dreamy thoughts. If you want a dress to create an extremely warm mood, this is the dress for you.

We have been creating looks for women through unique clothing styles for many years. It is extremely important to us that each dress is created as a work of art. And this means that each model of clothing created by us has its own idea that we carry. Of course, we also care about the highest quality of our clothes, because that's what makes you happier.

"Such a dreamy Suzy" is sung by the Ukrainian rock band Ocean Elzy. We invite you to listen to this wonderful song with us.

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