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What does "quality clothing" mean to you?

During communication with our customers, we often receive thanks words of appreciation of the high quality of our clothes. However, when we ask our clients the question "What exactly do you mean by 'high quality?'" we get very different answers. And here are the most common answers that we would like to share with you in this REPULO'S Insight.

One of the most common answers we receive about the definition of clothing quality is the high quality of the fabric and the high quality of the seams and craft of women's clothing. We agree that this is a large part of the definition of "quality." In our brand models, as well as those brands of women's clothing that we present in the store, we demand high-quality fabrics and tailoring first and foremost. We have our standards that clothes in our multi-brand clothing store must meet. It doesn't matter whether is the gown, party dress or jacket - standards and requirements are very similar.

The second answer in the number of reviews is the importance of manufacturing complex items. And indeed, it often happens that one main element becomes decisive in the perception of the quality of the entire outfit.

And, of course - creative design and a sense of taste. Very often, the most popular among our customers are clothes (dresses, jackets, etc.) with a relatively simple, but at the same time extremely refined design. There is a famous phrase, "Exquisite simplicity," - which we really like.

And what does quality mean to you?
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