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Why and What is a Slip Dress?

The slip dress as a clothing became popular in the 1990s. Before it was used as an underwear or as a top garment supporter, something to protect one’s modesty.

The simplicity of the slip dress made it a standalone favorite, when minimalistic fashion was on its rise. Kate Moss and Princess Diana were spotted in slip dresses on the most popular celebrity photos of the 1990s. It is a dress that is made of a thin fabric that slips over the body (that’s where the name came from). It can be also sheer, but always silky and flowy with spaghetti straps.

Since you can style a slip dress for any occasion, it is known as one of the easiest pieces to wear. This dress is glamorous all on its own, so it is an obvious pick for any special occasion. Wear it with a pair of heels and favourite accessories, you’re sure to be a star of the night. For a more casual or edgy look, confidently pair it with combat boots or sneakers, a sweater or a leather jacket on top. It even works as a formal wear, with an oversized blazer as a partner for example. This dress is a perfect for all the seasons and moods.

While fashion trends come and go, slip dress is a timeless piece. Get yourself a slip dress and wear it until it tears, skipping a fashion trends check part. Go for neutrals and pair it with a pop of color, get a bright slip dress and use your black or nude shoes to pair.

The slip dress can be as sexy or as modest as the person who wears it. It’s never boring, tasteless or heavy. You will definitely wear it often for absolutely different occasions, which makes it worth buying.

We love slip dresses too and always will have one new variation of it in Repulo's collections.

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