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Why should you shop with us ⁉️

There are so many shops around, even too many, you can find what you need in a blink of an eye. But are there many shops with a mission, with a vision, with a soul? Have ever you thought about it?

So many shops promote better then us, represent their products better then us, have thousands of followers, reviews, likes etc.. but are they really better? Selling thousands of absolutely same garments to you, that where produced in huge bulks with super speed just to make it cheaper, buying fabrics in many same rolls just to make it cheaper. Not better, but cheaper.

Our mission is to save you from fast fashion, to present you something that is made with love, with a soft and loving touch. I’m pretty sure there are much better storytellers than me, but today, I decided to open up in front of you as a business co-founder to tell you more from the inside of the business, to explain you our vision and mission. I even attached my selfie 😂 to this post to be more close to you.

Just to give you an idea 💡

We work with several brands that we think are beautiful inside out and producing our own clothing by the Repulo's brand. We create ideas by ourselves, source fabrics by ourselves, working on details, doing fittings, produce samples, testing them, do beautiful photos, videos on ourselves and on the models, we invest not only money and time, but big love, passion and worry every time if you would like it or not. We create it from small pieces and sitting behind the screen patiently waiting for your feedback. And can you imagine our happiness when you shop with us? 😂

Making long story short, behind this page stand real people, real artists, dreamers. People who will give you something special, something you won’t get at mass market. Once you buy at Repulo’s, you will be our friend forever 💓

With Love, Kateryna

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