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Kateryna Nechyporenka and Olena Repulo  - a founders of Repulo's Atelier



At Repulo's, we are the embodiment of pride and the artisans of empowerment. Ours is a brand that crafts confidence into every seam, instilling a sense of self-assurance in every woman who dons our apparel. We produce not just garments but woven affirmations of strength, with the resolute spirit of women at the very heart of our operations.

Our designs take their first breath in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada—a melting pot of culture and creativity that infuses each of our pieces with a unique flair. Yet, the journey of our creations doesn't end there. It is in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, that our visions are brought to life, where skilled hands and passionate hearts produce the quality that Repulo's stands for.

Stepping away from the conventional path trodden by the mass market, we hold the banner high for sustainability, championing an on-demand ethos that stands in defiance of excess. By embracing the principles of slow fashion, we empower not only the wearer but also the planet, allowing individuality to flourish in a harmonious rhythm with nature.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every piece we create is not only designed to perfection but also resonates with the confidence we strive to imbue in our wearers. With meticulous attention to detail and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Repulo's stands as a guardian of quality.

Adorn yourself with the essence of Repulo's, where each design is a love letter to self-confidence from Toronto, and each garment is a symbol of artisanal integrity from Vinnytsia. Experience the confluence of fashion and sustainability, uniqueness, and the uncompromising quality that can only come from a garment that has crossed oceans and been touched by the spirit of two nations.

You are welcome to visit our Trends & News page to read about our latest updates.


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