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Is MetaVerse the future of fashion?

We are living in such rapid changing word! Have you ever heard about the #Metaverse?! And now this idea is becoming a huge trend which could change whole industries, and probably, the entire way of living, shopping and communicating. We suggest you read the article from WIRED, "What is the Metaverse, exactly?" to better understand the concept and technology behind the Metaverse.

But what Metaverse could mean for the #fashion industry?

We can see now development of new direction of fashion - a digital fashion, where you can se the digital fashion models and as well as many designs of dresses, gowns and much more. In new digital world people still will want to look perfect and unique, but keeping their personality at the same time. And this is what fashion does! - helping people to feel better, look better, live better!

According the RollingStone article "Fashion Is Moving Into the Metaverse — Here’s What to Expect" the metaverse is opening up endless possibilities for designers, fashion and retail brands, and consumers.

And what about you? Are you ready to new digital era in fashion?

  • Yes, I am ready

  • No, but I am really interested

  • I don't care

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