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Scared to choose the wrong size while shopping online? Read this 👇

I guess everyone feared picking up the wrong size while shopping. Of course, going to the actual store gives you a chance to try it on, but there is no such option for the online shops.

But we have you coved!

You have two options to choose from if you hesitate:

  1. First, select the size you think will fit you most and type your body measurements (Burst-Waist-Hips) in the field below. We will double-check that and if we feel you need another size, trust us, we will contact you and let you know that we will fix it to the right one.

  2. The second option is pretty great! Choose the size “Custom” from the size menu, type your body measurements (Burst-Waist-Hips) and Vuala 🤗 You will create the right size!

Purple jacket can be combined with Art purple pants which are also available.
Art Purple Pantsuit (Blazer and Pants) available at REPULO'S.

Apart from these fantastic options, you got while shopping with us, is that we suggest simple adjustments to each model represented on the website.

Don’t you like too deep slits on the skirt or pants? Not a problem; just mention it in a specific field during your order.

Do you think the garment length will be too short for you, the neckline is too deep, or the sleeves are too short? It’s not a problem too at Repulo’s!

We are here to help you to get exactly what you want to look perfect! Just let us know your wishes, and we will be your magicians 🙏

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